Dubai Health Card is a very important thing for you if you are to live and work in Dubai for a while. The Dubai Health Card is the condition of having a residence visa and therefore the ability to work in Dubai. Dubai as it is a kind of transit point for many continents takes health requirements very seriously especially because of the workforce coming from deep down of Africa and Asia. This means you have to be checked and proved eligible to be able to stay in Dubai.

Dubai Health Card is a chain of actions that you need to go through in order to be able to stay in Dubai. In Dubai everyone must have a health card no matter, they are locals or expats. The Dubai Health Card also means a basic insurance that covers your emergency operations in the governmental hospitals of Dubai. The Dubai Health Card is obtained in one of the governmental hospitals, such as the Al Rashid Hospital where most people go when they need to have their health card done. The process of getting the Dubai health card is a chain of medical tests on you specifically aiming to know if you have TBC or Aids, which are the two common and most dangerous infective diseases of today being quite general in Africa. The tests will not take more than a couple of days and these will cost you around AED 400. Do not forget to take all your papers you have including any paper or letter from your future workplace. Also take lots of copies of your passport and always bring one with you for these events. Later, on when you get your visa and health card the best thing is to both copy and scan them because the offices in Dubai aren’t that likely to do that than in Europe or anywhere in the world. The Dubai health card is valid for a year, while residence visa is valid for 3 years, so don’t forget to renew it a little before it gets void. This is important because without a valid health card you may be staying in the country illegally and may even get deported.

The Dubai Health Card after a year can be renewed on the site of the Dubai Health Authority who deals with all health related laws and regulations. The renewal is a simple process; you can also do it online. They will only call you in, in specific cases only. Dubai Health Authority is the main health organization of Dubai. On their website, you can find more specific details on all the check ups which are concluded on those who wish to work and live in Dubai. Next to Dubai Health Card it’s wise if you get also a private medical insurance in one of the private clinics of Dubai. There are a lot more private institutes than governmental in Dubai when it comes to healthcare. There are also several nationality healthcare centres such as the American Hospital that have vast clientele.